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my greatest source of inspiration right now comes from my incredible son, Nathan.
he turned three months old today and we’ve been having a blast learning and growing together!  it was just recently when he started acknowledging toys so I was inspired to draw his two current favorites.

back at it!!

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happy new year!

2014 is going to be an awesome year!! not only am I now a new mommy to an amazing little guy, but I’m also finally getting back to my artwork!! I’ve missed it so much!!

I’m taking an online art workshop to help me get back up and running as well.

this is my first journal entry of the year; I’m a little rusty, but as I keep turning the page and making new marks, the oil will be running through the grooves smoothly again!

feeling so excited!

"free spirit"

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I totally forgot to post this!

do you remember that sneak peak I gave you earlier in the month? (scroll down…there it is!) well this is the completed painting!!!

it’s my best work yet and I’m totally excited to keep traveling down this new road I’ve discovered!

the only catch is that I’m now in my third trimester and sitting down to paint or draw isn’t so easy anymore and some days, I’m just not up to it.  but we shall see…if I don’t have the energy to create another piece before the baby comes, then this is a journey that will continue once he has arrived and I’m a sleep-deprived zombie :)

sneak peak! in progress…a new portrait

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I began creating this new piece yesterday and woke up so excited to continue working on it today!

here’s a sneak peak :)

a heavy soul

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I’m continuing to pursue this new art path and I’m really enjoying the process!  it’s fun and expressive and messy!

this piece was created in various charcoals; a medium I never use!

I’m really pleased with it and I’ve named this “sad” because that’s the emotion it instantly evokes in me.

hope you like it!  can’t wait to see what the next one will reveal … it’ll be made with watercolors!

um, #meekie , I think #mousey ‘s bed is a little small for you… #jrt #jackrussell #jackrussells #ilovemydogs #senile

new work!

(click image for larger view)

check out my latest masterpiece!!!

it’s so wildly different from my previous work and I couldn’t be happier about it!  I have never drawn anything like this before and I had an absolute blast creating it!  I drew this with pencil and charcoal - two mediums that I almost never work in!  

the side of my hand and the tips of my fingers were stained with lead and it was pure awesomeness! 

I’m excited to see where this new approach may lead me.  I’ll keep you posted, okay?

in the meantime, you can see more of this piece here

New York’s Empire State Building lit for #Pride weekend! #lgbt #happypride #noh8 #equality #love

new meanings

statues can have meanings to us and represent all kinds of things.  this bunny is from Ben’s childhood.  he doesn’t hold any specific meaning to me, I just think he’s cute.

the other statue was a birthday gift I gave to Ben years and years ago.  I even remember how much it cost and I paid for it on credit, even though I knew it would take some time to pay it off.

today, both of these statues hold new meaning for me.

with our first child on the way, I think mr. bunny would be a nice piece to put in the baby’s room.  something from his daddy’s childhood that can now be part of our son’s childhood.

and this other statue of a mother figure with child in arm says everything.  I also love how what this item signifies seems to have a base in a heart shape.

baby journal: a sneak peak

ever since finding out that we were pregnant, I immediately had this need to document my journey through my first pregnancy.  so I grabbed a blank sketchbook, and started my first entry which was a drawing of the pregnancy stick test with the “positive” indicator and the words in bold, “Congratualations, you’re PREGNANT!” surrounding the stick test.

I began documenting two weeks at a time (or per spread) and drawing various food that I had been craving during those weeks.  and each entry has a “dear baby” part where I include what I’d been experiencing during that time.  there’s also a part on each spread that I call “your development” which tells the baby what he’s been busy doing (i.e. developing his ears and eyes, developing his yawning skills, punching and kicking, and what size and weight he is approximately during these times too!).

some people have said that they think this is such a great idea, so I decided to make my most recent entry public before I write in it (that part is private) and share it with whomever is interested.  if I can pass on the inspiration that has been ignited in me by so many, then I’m happy to do so!

I just think that by keeping an illustrated journal for my son is a way to celebrate the journey of pregnancy, preparing for our child, and celebrating this amazing blessing (that I’m sure at some point will also be referred to as “shit head” on many occasions!!).  and one day, I will be able to pass this down to him - how special is that?  pretty damn special, I think.

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